Complete kit for Leeuenhof


Die volledigge Kit vir Leeuenhof, die items kan ook los bestel word indien alles nie benodig word nie.

1. Navigator double locking board

2. Padded board bag

3. Scolatek hinged compass

4. 0.5mm compass pencil

5. 0.5mm 2H lead

6. 0.5mm colour lead

7. 0.5mm clutch pencil

8. Pen eraser

9. Erasing sheild

10. 30/60 degree set square

11. 45 degree set square

12. French curves

13. Large circle stencil

14. 360 degree protractor with circles

15. Rectangular Nut and Bolt stencil

16. Projection symbol stencil

17. 20cm scale ruli

18. Flat scale ruler

19. Minikit Bag

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